• Sophie Peyrondet

    French Social Media Expert based in Calgary, Canada. Looking for a new exciting challenge.

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    Get my skills working for you.


    I love to find the idea that will make the difference.

    Visual content creation.
    ▸ Original Insta stories, Reels, TikTok maker.

    ▸ Photo shooting and video editing.

    ▸ Using Adobe Illustrator for illustration, logo, brand identity.


    About new technologies and social networks.

    Content calendar planning.

    ▸ Reporting and Analytics.
    ▸ Influencer and Ambassador program.

    ▸ Increase your brand awareness.


    I like challenges and can be a real Swiss knife !

    ▸ Organization of digital events.

    ▸ Social media strategy.

    ▸ Driving new sales and lead generation.

    Storytelling French and English.

  • Work experience


    My main mission at Enchant is to manage our 22 social media accounts across all channels (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Linkedin and Twitter). Building a strong strategy for each market, content creation and engage the community. I am also managing the Ambassador program which is about 70+ talents in 8 different cities in the USA.


    I joined Evident as Social Media Manager. I was able to grow and I became the Marketing Manager after few months. When I first started, I was focus on building the brand identity and brand awareness, especially on Instagram. We went from 0 to 10k followers within few months. Then I built the marketing team around me and together we developed the lead generation strategy. I enjoy managing the team, the challenges, and the project management.


    My main mission was to execute the community management of Facebook and Instagram. Next to that, I did photo shootings for content creations. Digital event coverage, competitive intelligence, audit, editorial planning, analytics, and reporting. I also participated in training the field teams on the digital strategy of the brand.


  • Youtube

    Youtube Channel Morning Sophie

    In 2022 I officially opened my Youtube Channel. Talking about my expatriation to Canada and helping and responding to hundreds families every day who want to move to Canada from France.
    Reached out to 1000 followers and 50 000 views after 11 months.

  • Passionate about photography, illustration, and sharing, I created Morning Sophie in fall 2015. This is a blog focusing on lifestyle, immigration in Canada, travels, and kid's activities.

    December 14, 2020
    You can't keep good receipe for yourself! I love coocking and I love sharing ! Perfect combo.
    December 12, 2020
    Everything about Canada's immigration for French people and our life in Vancouver.
    December 11, 2020
    Our Family travels all around the world. Good Address, kid activities, hotels and restaurants.
  • Training

    Trained in social media management at IMCI school in Paris, FRANCE.

  • Why do you need me ?

  • Why does a company want a social media manager?

    ↳ Manage their image on social media channels.

    ↳ Develop a community, engage it and federate it around the company.

    ↳ Create a proximity, a direct link between the customer and the brand.

    ↳ Design your brand strategy on social networks.

    ↳ Ensure proper position relative to the competitors.

    ↳ Generate new business opportunities.

    What results does great social media management deliver?


    ↳ Customer recommendation.

    ↳ Social selling.
    ↳ Generate leads.
    ↳ Driving website visits/sales.
    ↳ Customer relationship.


    ↳ Increase awareness.
    ↳ Manage e-reputation.


    ↳ Increase the visibility of the brand.

    ↳ Get new sales.
    ↳ Create traffic, reach and engagement on social networks.
    ↳ Introduce you to new people.

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